[chuck-users] ctrl vs mfun

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Apr 10 17:11:51 EDT 2007

Hi Lukas,

> Hi List,
> I am writing my own ugen.


> Are there any situations when I should NOT define something as ctrl/ 
> cget and use mfun instead?

Good question...  Currently, as you know, they are supported in  
exactly the same manner by the system, though it's possible that they  
may diverge in the future, hence the CTRL/CGET vs. MFUN distinction.   
In general, if you are writing UGen routines, it might be better to  
stick with CTRL/CGET.  If one is implementing non-UGen native  
objects, then the more standard MFUN is preferred.

Hope this helps.


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