[chuck-users] stereo ugens yet once more

Lukas Degener degenerl at cs.uni-bonn.de
Fri Apr 13 11:12:05 EDT 2007

hi again,

 could you tell me what's the current state of affairs concerning stereo
(multi-channel) ugens?

I'm looking through the code and I can see that there is somthing going
on, but I was not yet able to completely grasp the idea. :-)

I see I can specify in and outs in type_engine_import_ugen_begin(...),
Further it seems that for each channel, a "sub"-ugen is generated for
me,  everything basically looks put in place allready...so...

How do I control how those "sub-ugens" are ticked?  Would it be wise to
just set their tick function pointer directly? Is there maybe already
some example code which I could have a look on? Or am I looking in the
wrong places?

Sorry for pestering you with my questions :-).

Kind Regards,

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