[chuck-users] MIDI program change causes event parsing error

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 08:59:57 EDT 2007


> The following code causes an "event parsing error!" whenever a 2-byte MIDI
> message such as a program change is sent:

Yes, that's a known issue, at least on Linux (I take it you are on Linux
from your pgp sig ). On Windows it does work, or more likely, Windows let's
itself be tricked more easily by ChucK abuse(?).

Right now ChucK asumes MIDI mesages are three bytes. Of cource a third byte
can be padded on at the end and strictly speaking it should be dropped by
all listening devices since you anounce at the start that there will only be
one data byte but clearly RTAudio tries to parse them as ChucK hands them to
him and fails.

Personally I don't think RTAudio should fail there since the MIDI spec
clearly incoporates that there might be data that a device doesn't
understand and that it should leave it be. I also think a update to ChucK's
MIDI with function names like for the newed HID version and proper message
lengths would be very welcome.

Sorry, no fix but that's the how&why.

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