[chuck-users] recording of my first livecoding session

Leuthold Dominik moudi at gmx.net
Mon Apr 16 16:35:47 EDT 2007

hey list
as i mentioned last week i had my first chuck concert.
i made a recording of the whole concert. you can get it here:
i had a lot of great feedback from mostly surprised people.
they never saw something similar i guess. hehe... livecoding isn't that
popular at all here in switzerland.
i showed the miniAudicle on a screen so they were able to follow the
the most common opinion was, that the sound itself wasn't that interesting,
but in combination with the shown
screen it was very unique. the reason for this could be, that it was a "one
man show" and i had a lot to do 
with add/modify/remove and coding shreds. this means that the music remained
the same for longer times. 
(you'll confirm this while listening to my recording)
i came to the conclusion that i will try to iniciate a "chuck ensemble" with
about 4 people. 
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