[chuck-users] stereo ugens yet once more

Lukas Degener degenerl at cs.uni-bonn.de
Tue Apr 17 04:23:09 EDT 2007

Hi Imre,

Imre Kéri schrieb:
> Thus, in
> my code for mono ugens everything is as before, but for stereo ugens
> the tick() function is called with a different argument format.
Sounds fair.
Is it still possible, though, for client code to connect to either left
or right channel?

> If you are interested I can send you the source code or explain it at
> more detail, but unfortunately now I don't have acces to this source
> code, I can send you it only next week on Thursday.
Having a look on your code would be great. I am definitely interested.

Thanks a lot,

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