[chuck-users] Anyone else running ChucK dual-core in 64-bit mode?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Apr 28 16:20:24 EDT 2007

Greetings all!

Here is an uh official stance on the ChucK 64-bit issue.

First of all, as you discovered, ChucK does not currently support 64-bit, 
and the main issue is the pointer size compatibility.  It is not a trivial 
problem to fix (as far as I can tell) - looking through the code, 
especially in the type system, emitter, and byte code instructions, there 
are places marked with comments where 64-bit compliance may be 

Secondly, this is definitely a priority to us.  We fully plan for ChucK to 
support 64-bit eventually, though the timeframe is not clear.

The question is this: is it possible to compile ChucK under 64-bit linux 
in a 32-bit mode?  (We don't know this answer to this one).

Thanks for the interest.  Again, we are very much interested to get things 
working on 64-bit linux.



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