[chuck-users] Hardware information?

Martin Ahnelöv operagasten at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 08:24:56 EDT 2007

fre 2007-08-03 klockan 11:26 +0100 skrev Carl-Gustaf Harroch:
> Chuckists!
> First mail in this mailing list and there will probably be many more.
> I am a newbie with chuck. Been reading a bit and I am very excited to
> get my brain into this. Thanks all for putting this public. This looks
> exactly the type of language I ve been looking for in the last couple
> of months. I come from the programming side rather then musical.
> Anyway, my question relates to hardware. I am using ubuntu or gentoo
> OS. Do you have any hardware recommendation for a sound card? My
> current inboard card flickers the sound when I launch a simple sin
> loop. Even without any sound, I can hear some noises - I just think my
> current card is really really bad. Do you have any suggestions for a
> good sound card? 

Hello there!

I'm running ubuntu and it works great. I also use a Sound Blaster Live!
(yes, there is a exclamation-mark in the name...) and that works like a
charm. never had any problems with it. If you're on a laptop, I'm not at
all surprised that you have problem with your sound-card. They are shit.
all of them. I would recommend that you search the Linux Audio
Users-archive at http://lalists.stanford.edu/ . If you want to go
hardcore, you might want to look at external USB/Firewire-soundcards. 

> Secondly, I guess ALSA is the way to go or JACK, any documentation on that?
> Thanks,
> ./.Carl

I'm using alsa, but I'll probably change to jack when I get my realtime
kernel setted up (read, not in the close future). It depends on what you
want to do with chuck. Have something very reliable? Alsa. Plugging
chuck into other audio apps? Jack.

Hope that helps,

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