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Sun Aug 5 09:23:20 EDT 2007

One of the primary author's of ChUcK, Perry Cook hisself, has
several terrific books out.  You might want to check:

"Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications"

for a good intro into the theory behind sound synthesis and DSP.  It
includes a CD-ROM with the STK on it, the basis for a lot of CHuck
dsp stuff.

My old 'recommend this' standby is by Charles Dodge and Thomas

"Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and Performance"

although it is indeed old now.  I think they updated it not too long
ago, but it does talk a lot about ugen theory, etc.

The Big Giant Book That is Really Big and Giant That Covers
Everything and it is Really Big and Giant is a collection put out
Curtis Roads (former and long-time editor of the Computer Music

"Computer Music Tutorial"

I also know that Eduardo Reck Miranda has a new synth-techniques
book out, don't know anything about it though.

There was a terrific 'on-line' book/tutorial that Larry Polansky,
Douglas Repetto and Mary Lee Roberts developed, but I'm not sure
what happened with it.  You might try contacting douglas (douglas -
at - music ddot columbia dot edu) to see what happened to it.  It
had some wonderful interactive tutorials.

You might also want to scan the music-dsp reviews to see if any of
those appeal to you:


Finally, for a really fun read that introduces a lot of
music-cognition work (if you are interested, this is not a 'techie'
book at all), Dan Levitin has a great one:

"This Is Your Brain on Music"

Hope this helps...


Quoting Carl-Gustaf Harroch <charroch at gmail.com>:

> Chuckist,
> Are there any books that you recommend for general computerized
> music?
> If I want, for instance, to get involved in the development of
> chuck,
> which book would you recommend? Especially about general notions
> such
> as oscilators. music theory, tempo, sampling etc...
> I am quite new to all of this but would really love to get into
> the
> core of music programming. I have been through the chuck manuals
> but
> it is stil quite high level and would like to understand the
> basis of
> the language itself.
> Any help much appreciated.
> ./Carl
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