[chuck-users] thangs on linux ppc

2g electriclightheads at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 18:08:31 EDT 2007

maybe am going too much non-chuck related
so...sould switch posting to LAU-ml?
but well this is whta i have here on my DebianPPCStable
(which only could have chuck make sound via jacd -dalsa)

in /proc/asound i had:
card0 cards devices modules oss pcm seq Snapper timers version

oh yes Snapper is there
and that was a dir which had:
id oss_mixer pcm0c pcm0p
in it
and each of them just had 1 line:
in it

less /proc/asound/cards says:
0 [Snapper        ]: PMac Snapper - PowerMac Snapper
                      PowerMac Snapper (Dev 38) Sub-frame 0

less /proc/asound/version says:
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.12rc1 (Thu Jun 22
13:55:50 2006 UTC).

well mine might be Snapper on which people are suffering lthis way:

mmm..i have no idea

> > the best way to check whether alsa found a device and loaded the driver is this:
> > cat /proc/asound/cards
> >
> > where you should see at least one entry.  There are other files that
> > can be queried in the /proc/asound directory.
> >
> > You should start with that and see where it takes you.  Also, check
> > /proc/asound/version and read alsa release notes on that version.
> > Perhaps your hardware is only partially supported.
> >
> > This is probably irrelevant, but long time ago I had this cheap card
> > where the clock was running at 44099Hz or something, and many audio
> > applications were complaining about it...


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