[chuck-users] one of the two sX.freq() in a same while doesn't seem to get changed

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 06:07:22 EDT 2007


> but nothing seemed to be working properly
> so comment outed a lot
> and went into the debug mode

It looked fine to me, I listened to it and it sounded fine as well. Then, to
make sure s1 was working properly I disconected everything but s1 from the
DAC and listened to just s1. s1 does change it's pitch but it's very, very
low. At times I couldn't hear it and needed to place my hand on the woofer
to be sure it was playing as it was so low-pitched. In fact, I think many
normal speakers would have a problem with playing sines of such a low

I think that's where your issue is; the tones are very low and likely hidden
because of higher overtones. Perhaps you would like to try the "Blit" or a
similar band-limited Ugen. With those you can controll the amount of
harmonics in the wave so you can still have a very low tone but you'll have
more controll to make sure it has at least a few audible harmonics.

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