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Wed Aug 15 07:34:35 EDT 2007

I just wanted to bump this and offer my small and humble opinion;

To me it's a sort of utopia to have this amount of open-ness about the
process of ChucK's development. It's therefore quite odd to me that there
isn't more debate on the sugested features and that only a very small group
of people has added desirered features and there is hardly any discussion at
all about which ideas are good and which ones are silly/redundant/dangerous.

Why isn't there more debate?


On 8/8/07, Ge Wang <gewang at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
> Greetings!
> We are nearing the next very sporktacular release of ChucK and want
> to coordinate with you on organizing and prioritizing some bug fixes/
> features/updates.  We've been scouring through the forums, wiki
> pages, and posts and collected much good info.  Thanks to all who
> have been kind and patient enough to enter requests, reports, and
> suggestions into the various pages.  At this stage, we'd like to get
> your input on prioritizing them for the new release (in about 2
> weeks).  For this purpose, we've created two new wiki pages for
> feature requests/reports and bug reports/requests from here:
>      http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/ChucK/Bugs
>      http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/ChucK/Features
> Please enter full descriptions and concise accompanying code when
> helpful.  While we can't guarantee that these would make it into the
> immediate next version, they are very helpful in getting a sense of
> disaster zones that needs more urgent attention, and is a chance to
> tidy up the information.  If you don't want to deal with the wiki
> directly, feel free to post here or to chuck-dev, and our uh wiki
> specialists will transfer the text there.
> As for the manual, let's keep going here:
>       http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/ChucK/Manual
> Thank you very much!  Let us know if you have any questions.
> Keep on ChucKin'
> Best,
> chuck team
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