[chuck-users] priorities for next release

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Wed Aug 15 09:37:30 EDT 2007

Kassen wrote:
> I just wanted to bump this and offer my small and humble opinion;
> To me it's a sort of utopia to have this amount of open-ness about the
> process of ChucK's development. It's therefore quite odd to me that there
> isn't more debate on the sugested features and that only a very small group
> of people has added desirered features and there is hardly any discussion at
> all about which ideas are good and which ones are silly/redundant/dangerous.
> Why isn't there more debate?

I haven't spent a lot of time with ChucK yet, so I don't have a lot of
ideas myself. Since ChucK is intended for music programming on the fly,
I'd expect the real "user base" to be working computational musicians
that are jamming with ChucK, not dry "language theorists", etc. As I
understand it, ChucK programming is a performing art, and like the other
performing arts, the real feedback that matters is that between the
performer and the audience.

I haven't been through the documents recently, but coming from a
non-real-time performance background, my own impressions of ChucK
probably don't mean much. But for "people like me" (studio musicians
rather than live performers), what I would want from ChucK would be
documentation, tools, and even some encouragement that would help me
transition *out* of "studio mode" and into a live performance mode of
some kind.

I couldn't make this year's course on live performance, but it's
certainly on my list for next year. And, of course, there's "Dorkbot" :)


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