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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 12:37:09 EDT 2007

On 8/15/07, joerg piringer <joerg at piringer.net> wrote:
> you are right, there should be more discussion.

Cool. For a moment I feared ChucK-users didn't have wishes and opinions,
that would be so abnormal as to almost seem like a psychological illness

my top priorities are:
> Include statement. Would make it easier to reuse code. this is not in
> the Prioritized Wish List for Next Release, but i think the java-esque
> auto dependency finding system mentioned there might be even better. for
> me this is extremely important.

My own is ASIO but ASIO would apear to have been covered with a perfectly
fine test-build.

I agree a include statement/dependency finding should be at the top. This
will not only open the way for easier management of larger projects but it
will also allow for easy sharing of tools and extentions which would be good
for community building. Practically speaking it would lower the treshold for
contributing to ChucK from knowing C++ to knowing ChucK which I think is a
big deal.

better string support.

> a dynamic structure like lists in Python for example. arrays are not
> enough.

Agreed, both are needed. I don't think I personally ran into situations
where I urgently needed either yet but especially lists would be great for
ChucK as a introductory language. I also think compositions may be like
arrays in a way but composing as a process is more akin to operations on

let miniAudicle search for audio-files relative to the path of the
> ck-file. now it is extremely annoying that miniAudicle doesn't find
> audio files that are in the same directory as the ck-file. you have to
> use absolute paths or the miniAudicle preferences. both is not really an
> option if you receive sixty projects by students each with audio files
> and ck-files...

Good point. I don't have sixty students but I do have a sequencer that has a
directory for drum-samples for each track, needs locations for files to
Machine.add() and a few modified copies of that whole structure as backup
when testing new ideas. This gets anoying and confusing (especially between
the versions) which is a shame as the Mini is so nice.

Aside from those the thing that I realy lust after is graphical hooks from
the Mini to ChucK --shell's interface to update just some part of a running
file while it runs or inject new code while it runs. I'm not sure wether
that is purely a Mini issue or also a ChucK one as the functionality is
there but it's interface in comandline ChucK was in such a state that I
couldn't tell for sure wether it worked properly last time I tried. I'm not
sure how many people have a urgent desire for this right now but I think it
would be spectacularly good for both live-coding and rapid-prototyping.

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