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chris beck render787 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 00:08:16 EDT 2007

To me, it seems like the most important thing is to add more preset
instruments and make it easier to create your own instruments. At the
moment, we have a pretty broad set of instruments, but it could certainly be
expanded. Also, the interfaces to them are not entirely standardized. The
concept of an instrument could be abstracted more within chuck, which would
be an asset to the programmer.

Just my 2 cents,

On 8/15/07, joerg piringer <joerg at piringer.net> wrote:
> Kassen schrieb:
> > I agree a include statement/dependency finding should be at the top.
> > This will not only open the way for easier management of larger projects
> > but it will also allow for easy sharing of tools and extentions which
> > would be good for community building. Practically speaking it would
> > lower the treshold for contributing to ChucK from knowing C++ to knowing
> > ChucK which I think is a big deal.
> and ah yes! i forgot a very important issue:
> i have a couple of ideas that could be easily implemented with external
> dlls or dynamic libraries. like for example text to speech (flite) or an
> openGL display.
> best
> joerg
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