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Wed Aug 22 06:32:27 EDT 2007

On 8/22/07, chris beck <render787 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would disagree with that reasoning. Sure it's produced by academics, but
> this is the USERS list. And it is fundamentally a practical tool, not an
> academic exercise as you suggest. The fact that we are discussing it on this
> list means that usability is a serious concern.
> Although I might not disagree with the conclusion, the language itself
> certainly can and should be improved. I would say that standardizing the
> Ugen / Instrument interfaces should be high on this list.

This is getting interesting. As I see it ChucK is quite interesting as a
language that comes from accedemic research in that the main area of
research is a way of using it and not so much the language itself, at least
that's how I read some of the accedemic papers linked to ChucK. The fact
that there is a actives users list is a noteworthy outcome of the research

Normally a very important feature for a language is "Turing completeness"
meaning that that language should be able to calculate anything that can be
calculated (given enough time and memory/disc). Perhaps we need a new sort
of completeness to test ChucK against since what we are after is realy the
ability to musically express anything we might like to musically express.

>From that perspective I think language features like lists can be every bit
as important as Ugen standardisation/improvement/additions which in turn can
be as important as conveniences like include-statements or recompiling only
a section of a program.

The main matter might realy be *preceived* "musical-completeness" by it's
users. Guitarists clearly hold that being unable to play chords larger
then 6 notes is no real issue while pianists tend not to be concerned with
pitch-bend. Perhaps what we should be after is reaching a similar stage
where the limitations and posibilities of ChucK form a instrument that gets
preceived as being expressive and coherent in a way similar to other

At that point accedemic success and practicallity would become nearly


p.s. none of this was intended to talk explicidly about just livecoding or
even realtime playing, I just thought I'd mention that before people feel
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