[chuck-users] heads up; follow up; up chuck

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Aug 24 00:53:31 EDT 2007

> The only question remaining to answer is, how does one pronounce  
> "UAnae">??

Good question.  We shall leave that up to the imagination.

> Personally I might have gone for "U-lyzer"... ;-)

Hmm, interesting - or possibly a "Unalyzer", or a "Unanalyzer", or  
even a "UAnaAnalyzer"?  Ultimately, of course, we encourage you to  
call it whatever UAna call it.

may we all upchuck with joy,
Rebecca, Ge, and the UAnaManaBananalyzers

PS: and yeah, now that the release is out, we'll be leaving the  
country...  today!

adios, dosvidanija, ciao, and adieu!

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