[chuck-users] what is this stk control change thing?

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Sat Aug 25 07:59:19 EDT 2007

On 8/24/07, Fitzpatrick, Denis F <fitzpatrickd at boystown.org> wrote:
>  My confusion is deep and multifaceted, but just to get started, I gather
> it's a way of setting various instrument parameters, but how does it differ
> from like-named (where they exist) method calls?  I made a Googley effort to
> find this explained, but failed.  I would gladly accept an answer in the
> form of a link.
I believe that the control-change is the way the STK takes commands from
other parts of a program. The STK, you see, is a toolkit meant to be
embedded in a larger program (such as a game) or form a model for
parameterised synthesis in such applications. ChucK is "borrowing" the STK
and so got these with it.

Where those calls differ from the other calls the only difference is (should
be?) that the ChucK ones require less memorisation of what the numbers mean
and so are more convenient.

If you must know all about the STK you could considder getting this;

That's basically the STK maitenance manual.
Clearly that book isn't needed to have fun with it, it all depends on
exactly how deep your confusion is and what those facets are :-)

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