[chuck-users] rec2.ck

2g electriclightheads at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 20:43:20 EDT 2007

in another japanese chuck community
i asked if somebody knows about "rec2.ck"
which i cannot find in the examples dir
and at last a person gave me the sample he found

mm? this one seems to create 2 files
instead of one stereo
at this moment
we cannot write stereo things to HDD?
then i have to use sox to combine these maybe...?

rec2.ck (not the original?):

dac.left => WvOut wL => blackhole;
dac.right => WvOut wR => blackhole;

4::second => dur l;
now + l => time later;
"./wavs/rec2L.wav" => wL.wavFilename;
"./wavs/rec2R.wav" => wR.wavFilename;

<<<"writing to file: ", wL.filename()>>>;
<<<"writing to file: ", wR.filename()>>>;

while ( now < later )
        500::ms => now;

wL.filename() => wL.closeFile;
wR.filename() => wR.closeFile;
<<< "rec2 done." >>>;


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