[chuck-users] osc to keyboard

Martin Ahnelöv operagasten at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 12:05:20 EST 2007

tis 2007-12-04 klockan 07:59 -0800 skrev Alpha Core:
> hello Ive been working on triggering Osc by the use of the keyboard
> and im still a having trouble I read the kb.ck file in the hid folder
> to figure out how it triggered and output the keys so i came up with
> the below syntax.
> // setting up the keyboard to trigger Osc 
> // this should trigger a middle c tone when A key is pressed
> {
>     if (msg.is ButtonDown()) and if (msg.my_keynumber = 65 then 
>     SinOsc s => Dac;
>     261 => s.freq;
>     1::second => now
> }
> it still giving me errors ? even when i running the kb.ck file in
> chuck any help would be great thanks 

The syntax should look like this (I've made some notes):

// if followed an expression in brackets. if there are mutliple, use 
// "and" followed by a new expression between brackets (you can also use
// "or" instead of "and". 
// The curly brackets come after the whole if-statement.
// No "then".
if (msg.isButtonDown()) and (msg.my_keynumber = 65) {
    SinOsc s => dac; <-- dac is in written in small letters
    261 => s.freq;
    1::second => now; <-- should have a ";" at the end

That should - at least - work better. I'm a bit unsure about
"msg.my_keynumber = 65", shouldn't it be "msg.key == 65" (note the
double equal-signs)?

Also, instead of doing raw frequencies, try Std.mtof instead. that will
convert a midi-note number to a frequency. In your case the line
    261 => s.freq;
would be:
    Std.mtof(60) => s.freq;

Hope that helps,

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