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> > For "I am sitting in a room", I suggest you just use a delay; no
> > internal feedback loop, just adc => delay => dac.  Of course, if
> > you want to record it as well, that is separate, and you'll
> > probably also want to have a quick way of dropping adc gain (maybe
> > on your preamp rather than in software) for when the feedback gets
> > out of hand.
> >

I read this thread and downloaded the original Lucier piece, which I found
quite haunting. And then I could achieve a similar effect by simply changing
the delay.ck example time lapse to 75 seconds:

// patch
adc => DelayL delay => dac;
// set delay parameters
75::second => delay.max => delay.delay;
// infinite time loop
while( true ) 1::second => now;

I'm a novice at sound/ChucK. So I guess that my room is resonating, and the
drone that develops after 10-15 minutes is my speakers screaming
at the mic. There are still some bizarre patterns though. Sounds of
my shower etc. It's all quite surreal.

Now I want to control this drone in some way because it gets quite
monotonous, and I want to trigger some mp3 cuts when certain frequencies
are encountered. I'll figure all this out, just sharing my experience.
I also want to keep the final code less than 100 lines.

Lets see! Very excited now.

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