[chuck-users] forum vs. list (was: simple distortion/clipping)

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Mon Dec 17 13:54:59 EST 2007

On 17/12/2007, Stephen Sinclair <radarsat1 at gmail.com> wrote:

In any case, I've always found it funny that there aren't more
> forum-mailinglist combination systems out there, considering how
> similar the two concepts are.  Some sort of phpBB-mailman integration
> could go a long way to solving that problem...  I think there are some
> scripts available but it would probably take some work, and not
> necessarily be a good solution.

I think the SC people use a system that's a list but where the archive also
has features to reply to it in forum-style. There has been talk about
Electro-Music building a similar system because of it's rather large Nord
Modular section also overlaps with the NM list but as of yet no real
decisions were made.

> I agree, there seems to be tons of cool ideas on the forum, I wish I'd
> checked it out earlier.
> It's nice to see people exploring chuck in various ways and coming up
> with UGen tricks as opposed to just discussing language semantics and
> such.  (Though I'm a language nerd so I don't mind.. ;-)

I like both a lot. It generally interesting to see ChucK-culture (Chulture?)
evolve but it's also interesting to see how the forum and list take
different directions. For me the practical angles of the forum also increase
the interest in the language.

Yet even still better would be to also have real-life get-togethers. I'm
trying to get something started in The Hague, it'd be nice if Dutch
(aspiring)ChucKists would give a shout.

> points as well as a public shared VM capable of streaming for online
> > jam-sessions but until then I think that so far the price is worth the
> > gains.
> That is a really cool idea...
> and totally do-able.
> ajax-audicle anyone??

We do have the option to attach ChucK to a remote VM over a network but I
wonder if there are features/future possibilities to make that go both ways,
leading to two or more VM's holding the same code.

Maybe connecting ChucK to a streaming program, then publishing the IP
address would already do but there are questions. for example the option to
make ChucK call the underlying OS would need to be disabled or it'd be a
HUGE security hole.

A web-based interface would be even nicer.

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