[chuck-users] Uana tutorials/examples

pibsid at suomi24.fi pibsid at suomi24.fi
Sun Dec 23 04:14:00 EST 2007

Hi. I think it's wonderful that ChucK can do analysis now.
I know what the FFT is but having very little experience with Fourrier 
transforms I'm quite in the dark on how to modify them.
I'm trying to create a realtime pitch-shifter but I'm having trouble 
getting the phases of successive segments to match. Is there anyone 
here who knows more about FFT and could write a pitch-shifter example. 
The short examples that come with Chuck can get people started on how 
to use the Uana objects but more detailed examples like a phase-vocoder 
or a pitch-shifter would really help clear some heads on how to truly 
utilize the power of analysis in ChucK.


-Pyry Pakkanen (Frostburn)

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