[chuck-users] MIDI-controlled synth example?

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Mon Dec 24 03:18:48 EST 2007

Hi Darren!
I've attached my version of a midi controlled triangle oscillator with 
pitch bends and modulation. Have fun! :)

Pyry Pakkanen

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>Aihe: Re: [chuck-users] MIDI-controlled synth example?
>Oh, hey, I got the examples to work now. It must have been me doing 
>something stupid. I'm getting pretty high latency, though, and 
>polyfony.ck stops working after what seems to be so many notes (or 
>me doing fast runs is choking something). polyfony2.ck doesn't 
>acknowledge note-off messages, though I don't know if that's 
>or not. Still it's a result.
>I still wouldn't mind seeing what others might have come up with, 
>though. Thanks all for the help!
>Darren Landrum
>Darren Landrum wrote:
>> Hi, all! I now have my MIDI controller and new computer all set up, 
>> I wanted to give real-time control of ChucK a shot. I looked 
through the 
>> examples in the MIDI folder, but I couldn't make anything work, 
>> couldn't really understand the code. So I was wondering if anyone 
>> have a simple MIDI-controlled synth program out there that I can 
try out 
>> and dissect, as I learn so much better from example. Thank you!
>> Regards,
>> Darren Landrum
>> PS - Happy Holidays to all!
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