[chuck-users] Compiling chuck on UbuntuStudioGutsy32

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Dec 28 10:47:07 EST 2007

Michael Heuer wrote:
> Scott Wheeler <wheeler at kde.org> wrote:
>> Atte André Jensen wrote:
>>> Compiling a program from source is not that tricky, but compared with
>>> synaptic it's "linux admin", I agree. So either one sticks with the
>>> software available through synaptic or one learns to compile from source.
>>> I simply tried to help you understand, in a more general way, how to
>>> compile a piece of software, so that you'll know what to do next time
>>> you need to.
>> Actually this is all getting kind of silly.  The reason that ChucK is
>> hard to compile is that unlike almost all other pieces of software on
>> Linux, it doesn't use autoconf (or similar) to provide a configure
>> script that first checks for dependencies.  I'd be willing to set that
>> up for ChucK, but only if I was sure that it'd go into the official
>> version.  Otherwise it's not worth wasting the time.
>> -Scott
> Hello Scott,
> Would an autoconf-based build solve the problems with 64-bit architectures?
> I was able to compile chuck and its dependencies on x86_64 fine but it
> has issues with primitives (among other things) at runtime

No, unfortunately.  That problem is related (at least) to ChucK doing 
casting between pointers and integers.  One thing that I've wanted to 
try with regards to that is to see if simply redefining ChucK's integer 
type to be 64-bit on those platforms would have any significant effect, 
but I suspect it's not that easy.

I also noticed when searching for something else recently that someone 
*did* apparently convert ChucK over to auto* a while back, it just was 
never added to CVS.



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