[chuck-users] is chuck case sensitive?

jochen lists jochen.lists at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 17:57:36 EST 2007

i am really sorry for this ultra-idiotic question but for some reason 
it is driving me nuts... i am running chuck from the command line on os 

when i try to run a patch like this:

SinOsc S => dac;

the compiler complains about: "undefined type 'SinOsc'"

So typing that in lowercase works.

So when I want to do this:

SinOsc s => LPF f => dac;

SinOsc works when i use 'sinosc' (all lower) but no matter what 
permutation of LPF i try it just doesnt work... Could this be that 
something is screwed up with my path? Is it not able to find that Ugen 

I am lost

Thanks for all the help !
- jochen

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