[chuck-users] is chuck case sensitive?

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Feb 9 21:42:00 EST 2007

ChucK is case-sensitive, however recently many of the ugens were  
changed from e.g. sinosc to SinOsc to fit in with the existing ugens  
that already had that capitalization type.  The old all-lower case  
ugens were kept so that older code would still run, but they are  

In any case it sounds like you have an older chuck version, from  
before the ugen capitalization was changed.  It would be a good idea  
to download and install the newest version, available from http:// 
chuck.cs.princeton.edu/.  You can find out the version you are  
currently running with chuck --version.  The most recent version is

If you've already downloaded the newest version, it could be that  
there is still an older version of chuck in your PATH somewhere.


On Feb 9, 2007, at 5:57 PM, jochen lists wrote:

> hi
> i am really sorry for this ultra-idiotic question but for some reason
> it is driving me nuts... i am running chuck from the command line  
> on os
> x.
> when i try to run a patch like this:
> SinOsc S => dac;
> the compiler complains about: "undefined type 'SinOsc'"
> So typing that in lowercase works.
> So when I want to do this:
> SinOsc s => LPF f => dac;
> SinOsc works when i use 'sinosc' (all lower) but no matter what
> permutation of LPF i try it just doesnt work... Could this be that
> something is screwed up with my path? Is it not able to find that Ugen
> ?
> I am lost
> Thanks for all the help !
> - jochen
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