[chuck-users] Question on BlitSquare

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Feb 21 00:32:25 EST 2007

Hi Eduard!

> Today I've noticed something unexpected while using BlitSquare. What
> happens is that I understand the freq() method as to set the
> fundamental frequency of the oscillator, however this is not true,
> and somehow the frequency being set is way below the specified one
> (subharmonic).

Sorry for the delayed reply.  Indeed this was a bug in BlitSquare.  The 
fundamental seems to be low by a factor of 4.  It has been fixed in STK 
and we have now applied the same fix to the chuckian STK BlitSquare.  
Changes are in CVS and will be in

Thanks for your email and the careful testing and example!


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