[chuck-users] shell script to change old patches to new chuck UGens

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Feb 22 04:21:46 EST 2007

Good point--in a similar vein, another issue with a linear string find 
+replace would be the ambiguity between the gain ugen and the .gain  
parameter every ugen has--youd want gain to be converted to Gain, but  
1 => mySine.gain; should stay the way it is.  So maybe an extra rule  
in the conversion script to ignore the next word after a dot (with  
whitespace potentially separating them) would get around that problem.

Surprisingly enough, SinOsc SinOsc => dac; is actually valid ChucK in  
its present incarnation--the compiler allows variables that have the  
same name as types.  So in that particular instance you would be okay.


On Feb 22, 2007, at 2:57 AM, Kassen wrote:

> It just occured to me that theoretically a automated system to  
> update code to the new syntax could break stuff. I think this;
> sinosc SinOsc => dac;
> would (theoretically) be valid in the old system while bluntly  
> converting this to;
> SinOsc Sinosc => dac;
> would result in problems.
> I hope nobody used that as a convention. I could imagine people  
> being inspirered by examples that use uppercase for classes and  
> lowercase for instances and start using the following in new-style  
> files;
> SndBuf sndbuf => dac;
> I think I myself did that in a few cases; a script would break that.
> This means it's probaly advisable to keep a manual eye (erm....) on  
> exactly what's being converted into what and not to blutly convert  
> everything -including new-style files- system-wide, then have more  
> problems then you had to begin with.
> To be clear; I don't mean to say it's not a good idea to use batch- 
> conversion or that it wasn't very nice of Stephen to make us a  
> script :-).
> It'd be sad to have to say "I thought of that" after somebody  
> accidentally converted a few hundred unsorted files....
> Kas.
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