[chuck-users] [OT] CMC Fün Nite for laptop improv

garton at columbia.edu garton at columbia.edu
Mon Feb 26 12:52:07 EST 2007

Hey cHUck-STers:

An item of interest for the New York crowd, and I know there are a
few of you.  At the CMC we are starting a monthly
evening of laptop/electronic performance called "CMC Fün Nite."
The first one is this Thursday (March 1).  See the press release
below.  If its not fun, its poorly named, so come out and join
the fun!

Press release:

This coming Thursday evening (March 1) marks the inaugural event in
a monthly meeting devoted to informal performance and discussion of
laptop improvisation in the New York area.  We're calling these "CMC
fün nites" and our intention is to provide a dorkbot-like forum for
artists and musicians involved in technological improvisation.  This
first event will feature performances and talk by:

	PG (Terry Pender and Brad Garton, possible video
               enhancements by Luke Dubois)
	Sam Pluta  (audio and video improvisations)
	Nick Didkovsky (improvisational pieces by Dr. Nerve!)

Please come to join us!  We will be in the main space of the third
floor of Prentis Hall, 632 W. 125th Street (just off Broadway).
Visit the CMC web site [http://music.columbia.edu/CMC] for

Thanks and sorry for the clutter,


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