[chuck-users] Using Monome 40h with ChucK

Bruce Murphy pack-chucklist at rattus.net
Wed Jan 3 18:41:42 EST 2007

I just got one of the monome 40h control units and have been fighting
with it in Max/MSp to do even fairly simple things. Max gives you lots
of free audio processing, but it's a real pig for logic.

Anyway, I thought that since ChucK supports OSC, I might as well fire up
a miniaudicle and put together a simple ChucK script that can do
something interesting with the 40h.

What I ended up writing was a following x-y pad emulator for the monome
that moves the control position across the plate in response to pressing
of buttons and then returns to the center if left alone. Adding MIDI or
other sending support to this would be trvial.

Do any ChucK users out there have a, or have access to a 40h? The code
for my first crude hack is at


And I'll no doubt be working with that more over the next few days. On
another note, did my stom patch or midi library make it into the full
ChucK tree? :)

Packrat (Wombat Implementor;COSO;Badgerphonic;Biokino Artist)
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