[chuck-users] translating a pd patch to chuck

joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Thu Jan 4 05:36:50 EST 2007

works great!
i'd like to contribute once the svn server is up.
i could for example add code for my simple xy-control & maybe wiimote 

one problem i ran into:
one of the sockets isn't closed when i exit the app, so starting it 
again yields the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "C:\developer\wxmirra\example.py", line 19, in ?
     MyApp(size=(400, 350), fps=10)
   File "C:\developer\wxmirra\wxmirra.py", line 155, in __init__
     self.oscIn = osc.createListener(port=inPort) # in this case just 
using one socket
   File "C:\developer\wxmirra\osc\oscAPI.py", line 51, in createListener
     l.bind( (ipAddr, port) )
   File "<string>", line 1, in bind
error: (10048, 'Address already in use')

all the best

altern wrote:
>> One interesting idea would be to use OSC to communicate between ChucK  
>> and an external Python/Java/etc. agent, but wrap the OSC code on the  
>> ChucK end in user friendly convenience classes.  For example, the end  
>> user would write something like MySlider.setValue(), but that  
>> function would just be sending the appropriate OSC messages behind  
>> the scenes.  This could be written entirely in ChucK and Python/etc.,  
>> without requiring a custom chuck.  The user would only be seeing  
>> ChucK code, and the OSC would be completely transparent.
> This is just a quick hack of what you proposed and i can see that the 
> possibilities are pretty interesting.
> I just took some basic widgets from the wxpython demo that i think are 
> interesting for a sound/music GUI. I extended the classes so that they 
> send OSC messages when they are used. The result is pretty nice and the 
> code (in python yet) could hardly be easier. The attached zip contains 
> three files, oscapp.py is just a stupid python file that listens to OSC 
> messages from the widgets GUI (sorry i am better at python than ChucK so 
> i did all in python at this stage, anyone want to do a chuck example?), 
> the example.py file is an example of how to use the widgets, the 
> wxmirra.py is a module containing the classes for the widgets the 
> wxapplication / wxframe.
> Dependencies are python, wxpython and simpleosc. Not that bad since 
> wxpython and python are to be included in OSX 10.5. And there are easy 
> to use installers for windows and osx. SimpleOSC is just a library we 
> created and there is no need to install it, just copy it next to the 
> python working example.
> python - www.python.org
> wxpython - www.wxpython.org
> simpleosc - www.ixi-software.net/content/body_backyard_python.html
> There is also the possibility to create exe and mac apps with py2exe and 
> py2app out of the python examples. Dead easy usually.
> The widgets are created passing few arguments like this:
> Number(self.frame, "/num1", 'number test', (300, 140), value=12, 
> range=(3, 155))
> being '/num' the address for the osc message that this widget will send 
> when it is used. The rest are just properties for the initial state of 
> the widget like position, size, label, range, initial value ...
> Labels are not yet working in some widgets. It is in the to do list. 
> There is a welcome osc message between the widgets server and the client 
> but it is not really needed, I just did it to be able to see if 
> connection was ok while coding and display the connection status on the 
> status bar.
> Next step would be to define a OSC system to control the server from 
> ChucK so that there is no need to use python at all. I am not sure how 
> difficult this would be but in principle doesnt sound that bad.
> The main problem I see with this osc widget server approach is that 
> because of OSC it wont be fast enough for some widgets such as a 
> real-time spectrum or wave display. However if this goes further it 
> could be used as a prototype for a future implementation in C wrapped by 
> ChucK.
> I will put all this on our svn server soon, but at the moment is being 
> moved to another machine and i have to catch up with this yet. I hope to 
> be working on and off on this over the next weeks.
> ideas/suggestions welcome.
> enrike
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