[chuck-users] translating a pd patch to chuck

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 06:55:19 EST 2007

joerg piringer wrote:
> altern wrote:
>> I added as well the possibility to pass the application and executable 
>> and a patch, then it tries to run the patch with the executable. So i am 
>> passing 'chuck', 'oscapp.ck' and this runs the patch with chuck under 
>> the wx process. I was bored of having to open two terminals :)
> i think you forgot to add the following line to the constructor of 
> Server in wxmirra:
> self.launchPatch(app,patch)
> otherwise the patch won't start automatically. or did i get something wrong?

yes i did. I was confused by an error on linux that did not kill the 
chuck process.

I am working now on the chuck side. I have a class that has functions 
that send the apropiate osc messages to the wx server. The wx server 
sends via osc messages so that chuck knows when it is time to define 
window properties and the widgets.

I am a bit confused because the way Chuck works doesnt help organising 
the code, or probably i dont get how to do things properly yet. I would 
like to hide as much as possible from the end user into a server.ck file 
but it is pretty tricky. There is no include or import command (i am 
running "chuck server.ck example.ck" now), and on the other hand there 
is only one public class per file (oh well... i am too used to python...)

I also managed to create standalone exe versions of the server that 
worked without needing python, wxpyton or simpleosc.

The svn server is already up and running

check out what i am up to and let me know how do you think it is. it 
would be great if you would add more widgets or anything else as well.

When this initial step is solved, i will create a windows and mac 
standalone and upload it. Later i want to check swingOSC in 
Supercollider to see if i can get some ideas from there.


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