[chuck-users] sending midi program change

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 07:13:24 EST 2007

Bruce Murphy;

You or others might find the midi stuff at
> http://www.rattus.net/~packrat/audio/ChucK/
> useful for MIDI examples and wrappers for the most common MIDI
> messages. I did, that's why I wrote it :)

Definately! I should have searched, I hadn't realised we can use hex either.
Oh well, we'll call it a learning experience :-)

I see you had/have the same question I had;
"// not sure what dance is required to make this only send two bytes."

One of the things that occured to me is that we could pad the message with
some of those undefined system-realtime ones. Those are a single byte and
will be ignored at the receiving end. That doesn't stop us from wasting
bandwith but at least it will make us conform to the spec and prevent the
receiving end from trying to extract meaning from the third byte.

Doing clock messages might be pushing it because we'd be wasting bandwith by

Oh, well...


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