[chuck-users] zombie GUI server

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 07:04:13 EST 2007


As promised here it goes a widgets tookit that can be used with ChucK. 
We decided to call it Zombie GUI server, as it can be taken control from 
ChucK (and soon supercollider hopefully).

This is the address for download source, docs and examples
These are for windows and mac standalone servers (testing)

We tested the mac standalone on 10.4 and it seems to work fine, please 
let us know of any problems. You might want to use the source zombie.py 
but then you need the following dependencies: wxpython, simpleOSC

There are two ways to use it, the first is to work with python extending 
the zombie.py class source, this is probably the easier way as the code 
is really minimal and there is no need to know python, check 
python_example.py for details.

The second way to use it is from ChucK (using both the standalone or the 
source). This is a bit more complex but not much more really. We provide 
a set of classes that make life easier to communicate to the server from 
ChucK. Check the chuck_basic.ck example. Note that most of the file is 
the class provided that talks to the python server, there is only need 
to change the bottom part of the file. I am not sure if this is the best 
way to organise the code in ChucK. I tried to hide all the code into 
another file so that we end up a very simple file that contains only the 
stuff needed to edit and the rest is in another file, but there are few 
things in current ChucK that prevented me from doing this. On the one 
hand it is only possible to have one public class per file, on the other 
hand there is no import or include yet implemented. It would be great to 
have some system like supercollider has to put all the user defined 
classes on a folder like libraries. So if anyone finds a better way to 
organise the code on the chuck example we would be very happy to change 

Next step are to make it compatible with supercollider and to add more 
flexibility to the system. Please check the readme.txt file for more 
details on the API and more documentation like how to create standalone 
applications etc...

Please let us know of any problems or experiences using this. We hope 
this helps developing GUIs for ChucK.


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