[chuck-users] Midi program change problem.

Piccolos piccolos at free.fr
Sun Jan 14 08:26:00 EST 2007

Hi all,

I'm a new Chuck user and I'm trying to create a simple midi router.

I tried a very simple Chuck program to test the midi functionnality of 
Chuck :

I created a Midin and a Midiout, opened them without problems.

MidiIn min;
MidiOut mout;
MidiMsg msgin;
MidiMsg msgout;

then I just wanted to copy the MidiIn data to the MidiOut data...

        msgin.data1 => msgout.data1;
        msgin.data2 => msgout.data2;
        msgin.data3 => msgout.data3;

It works perfectly for noton and noteoff events but when I send A 
program Change,
an error occurs : 
[chuck](via RtMidi): RtMidiOut::sendMessage: event parsing error!

After some tests, it appears that this error occurs when I set the  
msgout.data1 to values greater than 191 (it works for 191 and bugs for 192).

(I'm running under Linux Ubuntu & Jack.)

Is this error normal ?

Thanks a lot.


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