[chuck-users] Midi program change problem.

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 11:41:19 EST 2007

> Thanks a lot for the answer.
> I've just tried put the data3 to 0 and it still crash. In fact, this
> error occurs also for
> values of data1 >= 192  (I tried 193, 194, etc.)

Yeah, but that's logical.
"192" means "now I'm going to send a program change which refers to the
first MIDI channel", 193 means the same for the second channel and so on up
to 207.

It's not only strange, but also a bit annoying for my purpose ... ;-)

Yes, quite so. It should be less strange and less annoying :-).

Seems to be linked to linux version ?

Confirmed. The code below is what I posted to the list to demonstrate
program change. This works on my Win laptop and on this machine (Demudi,
stable) I get the same error that you did. (you can also insert "0 =>
msg.data3;" for the same results)

MidiOut mout;
MidiMsg msg;

//refers to a program change on the first channel
//add to it for following channels
192 => msg.data1;
//refers to the program to be loaded
4 => msg.data2;


So, erm, the Linux version lacks the undocumented feature that the Windows
version has. :-)

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