[chuck-users] generating a wav|mp3 unattended via cron

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Mon Jan 15 04:55:22 EST 2007

Hello list,

my first posting, I am not so much a musician as rather interested in hoe
our digital technology advances. ChucK caught my attention with its
interesting mixture between programming and creativity.

For now I came as far as downloading some .ck files. I liked the "In C" file
from the soupkitchen forum (unfortunately offline atm so I cannot link).

I would like to generate this piece on a soundcard-less server, preferably
without my intervention (via cron).
I found the '--silent' option to suppress audio output and a file
rec-auto.ck to record into a wav file. But that way the recording-to-file
doesn't stop, it keep growing bigger.
I also could not find anything in the docs.

So what is a good, reliable way to create music files?
> I want my computer to create a file every other week and use it as an
alarm clock in the morning. ;)

Any pointers welcome.

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