[chuck-users] PLOrk Winter Concert: January 18th 2007

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 15 11:46:40 EST 2007

> I believe that official policy is still that ChucK shouldn't be  
> used in anything aplication that requiers reliability, including  
> but not limited to nuclear reactor management, public performance  
> and especially alarm-clocks.

That reminds me, there will be a Princeton Laptop Orchestra concert  
this Thursday in Princeton;  nearly every piece uses ChucK.

At last count, more than 20 chuckified PLOrk pieces have premiered.

Nonetheless, this official policy still stands.  We may relax the  
policy at a future time and lift the warning on chucking nuclear  

Here is the blurb for the concert:


The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)
PLOrk Winter Concert

8pm, Thursday January 18th, 2007
Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University

featuring works and performances by:
Perry R. Cook | MR Daniel | Scott Elmegreen | Rebecca Fiebrink
| John Fontein | Michael Hammond | Anne Hege | Matt Hoffman |
Laurie Hollander | Andrea Mazzariello | Ananya Misra | Spencer
Salazar | Scott Smallwood | Alan Tormey | Ge Wang | Samson Young

directed by
Perry Cook and Ge Wang

The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) presents an evening of new
music, composed and performed by members of the Fall 2006 PLOrk
ensemble and seminar.

The event is free and open to the public.


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