[chuck-users] Cpu time between audio samples?

karl.petermichl at orf.at karl.petermichl at orf.at
Mon Jan 15 15:17:49 EST 2007

Dear ChuKees,

I am particularely interested in the wonderful feature which allows me
to calculate EVERY SINGLE AUDIO SAMPLE prior to outputting it to the dac
via the impulse ugen. Is there a rough estimation just how much
calucaltion can go on between each sample at 44100hz? Does this depend
on the cpu type and speed, or is there an inherent ChuK limit?
I want to create some amazing sounds by making extremly complicated
computations for each sample, as in theory one could just create about
any sound in the world this way (including semi-talented clarinet
players just having been woken up from a deep alpha-cycle..---))

Thanks and cheers,

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