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karl petermichl audioworld at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 19:05:02 EST 2007

Sorry to flood the list with so many questions,
but I have to get ChuK and myself ready for the first date in public
together (read: live gig) quite soon. The only funcionality which I am
lacking for this first gig is some kind of graphic fader for adjusting
variables on the fly. I know it is all about live coding, but I really would
like to feed my sound generators with some "fluid floats" (or ints). I got
into OSC, and I do understand the sending and receiving OSC examples.
I also found the OSC commands within JAVA, and a nice little application
called JAVAOSC. Those four faders would be all that I need, I just cannot
figure out which OSC codesc JAVAOSC is transmitting to the localhost. I
searched for an OSC-Analyser, but the only one I could find exists for MAC
and LINUX exclusively, and I am running XP (ok, sorry, way uncool, I know,
but I really needed the harddisc space for audio samples, so I had to erase
my ReiserFS partition...).
So does anyone of you know which codes JAVAOSC is transmitting by default?
Are there other simple ways of transmitting OSC commands to ChuK? I tried
the software PROCESSING and TAPSTREAM, but in both cases it was obvious to
me how to assign OSC commands to faders.
Thank you again for your advice,


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