[chuck-users] ChuK control via OSC

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 08:31:33 EST 2007

> It is good to know that floats are not so easy in python, I will ue your
> divide-by-workaround in cae I need floats.

ooopps! i checked more properly and it is possible to use floats
if you check here http://infohost.nmt.edu/tcc/help/pubs/tkinter/scale.html
you will see that there is an argument called resolution. So we can say
h = Scale(window, from_=0, to=100, orient=HORIZONTAL, command=sendValue, 

and there we are we get float numbers. Note that still they are strings 
so you will need to translate them into floats like this
osc.sendMsg('/slider1', [float(value)], "", 9000)

there are many other interesting arguments that can be passed as well.


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