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Wed Jan 24 08:00:12 EST 2007


yes i know exactly what you mean.. i thought about that too..

the problem is that i am alomst sure that most of that stuff would never
find its way into mini audicle, because of different reasons..
>> wether we can crystalise those down to some additions to the Mini Audicle
thats one point, because as i said above: many of the ideas come from a very
personal way of using chuck. many people won't think that this is important
at all, but they are very important for me.. so sometimes you will have to
do things yourself :-)

another point is that things - like for example that plugin idea - are hard
to explain, and i am pretty sure that at least 50% of the people think "what
the hell does he want??" or sth. like that while reading the post :-)
because of that I even was not sure if i should write about it at all :-/
things like that maybe have to be tried out/tested to get the point behind
it.. Only having some strange abstract description of functionality is not
enough here :-)

so maybe this project also can also be seen as a test application for ideas
- like i said, in .net it is really easy to implement things, especially if
they need a lot of gui stuff.. i did not really do very much c or c++
programming, but i think it needs a lot of work/time there, so try out
things is not that easy..
if it looks cool/usefull, one can decide that its worth the trouble to add
it to audicle or mini audicle..

lets see.. besides all that, i simply have fun doing projects like that..
it is the same reason why i do music: the result is not the only reason for
doing it - the way getting there, the process of creating, is sometimes even
more important / the more satisfying part :-)

g- tazumi

2007/1/23, Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:
> I really would love to hear some opinions about the ideas.. and i hope i
> > can come up with a first version soon..
> I think it's great! I think it's wonderfull that you pinpoint what you
> want, then set out to create it. I'd love to see, hear and perhaps try the
> results. I'd also love to hear about your experiences creating this and how
> it relates to how you make music.
> Personally I think I would be preferable to have a big list of all the
> features people are looking for in these development platforms and see
> wether we can crystalise those down to some additions to the Mini Audicle,
> perhaps by having a few people add to it (obviously under Spencer's
> watchfull eye) because now we have a fair amount of these and it seems to me
> that the total amount of efford spend now is larger then it should be if
> there would be more cooperation and a more centralised discussion about what
> people want and why. This is easy for me to say since I don't speak C and so
> I'm not realy in a position to add to such a project but that's what it
> looks like for me.
> Perhaps it's inevitable that some of this scattering happens since the
> idea behind ChucK faciliates a very personal way of dealing with
> music/sound/instruments and so there might be a need for very personal
> tools; this might also be a good and positive thing considdering the state
> of mainstream electronic instruments.
> Just my perspective,
> Kas.
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