[chuck-users] OSC reliability issues

David Michael david.michael at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 09:20:16 EST 2007

Chuck is sending regular "heartbeat" messages to a remote OSC app
(written in Ruby: http://www.funaba.org/en/ruby.html#osc). When Chuck
is only in the business of sending these messages, they all reach
their target. As Chuck takes on more tasks, the events stop arriving
at the remote machine.

I have not tested this between 2 chuck applications on different hosts
under heavy loads, but I will do this tonight or tomorrow and post the
results back to this space.

The reason I would like to send these messages reliably is because I
am trying to figure out a way to get data out of Chuck. There is a
posting on this list with a method for dumping the debugging output to
a file instead of the console, but this does not work when running
Chuck with separate class files (it only dumps the last one in the arg
list). The alternative seems to be cut and paste all my classes into
one huge file. I just thought that there would be a more elegant way
to get data out of Chuck, perhaps by OSC so that another language
could handle formating, file i/o, etc...


On 1/23/07, Philip Davidson <philipd at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
> Just to narrow this issue down-
> the Chuck app is sending regular messages ( or should be )
> and a second, ( chuck/ non-chuck ) application on the ( same / separate
> ) machine is not receiving?
> David Michael wrote:
> > Hello list,
> >
> > I have been running experiments with Chuck's OSC implementation and
> > have found that when I have an instance of Chuck producing regular OSC
> > events under a relatively heavy load (heavier than the example files),
> > the receiver only gets a few of these events - perhaps less than 20%
> > of them. This situation makes it very difficult for parallel instances
> > of Chuck (on different machines) to communicate reliably.
> >
> > I have reproduced this on both Mac and Linux (Ubuntu) installations.
> > I am curious if anyone else on the list has come across this issue.
> > Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with OSC communication reliably?
> >
> > Best,
> > David
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