[chuck-users] Destroying object instances ... unchuck?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 29 19:39:18 EST 2007

Hi Brad!

> When you guys are doing the GC implementation, could you also put in the 
> ability to disable it by the user?

Definitely.  We plan to provide, at the initial GC release stage, options 
for disabling garbage collection and for choosing among several 
implementations.  As time goes on, we hope to narrow this to the option 
to one or two methods, plus the option to not automatically garbage 

> I can imagine there are times when having a big GC kick in wouldn't be a 
> good thing to do.

Yup.  We are looking at different approaches to real-time friendly GC that 
makes sense for ChucK.  We hope to adopt some kind of generational, 
incremental GC scheme.  Nonetheless, it would be good to have the option 
for disabling it all.


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