[chuck-users] New to ChucK => couple of questions (-s) (Midi Relelated);

Steve Salmon massplanck at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 3 21:08:44 EDT 2007


I'm new to programming and ChucK, but im loving it. i'm very keen to learn 
as I like making music in weird ways :)
I have just made something i call "my crappy riff generator" (spits out 
random patterns and loops them for 8 bars, repeats process untill i heard 
something i like and i break out of the random loop kinda thing and let it 
play longer).

I am trying to get this running through Abelton to drive a softsynth. I 
found the MIDIsender class that someone here created (well done!!), and 
*can* get Chuck sending some Midi Note Ons to my softsynth .. but and bare 
with me because maybe i dont have some of the underlying concepts right in 
my head.

When I try and run a ChucK file whilst abelton is open i get a "could not 
open channel/ cannot initialise audio device" type error.. (sorry i dont 
have the error specifics infront of me right now), but from what i can 
gather Abelton is in charge of the DAC when it tries to run a ck file and 
thus it whinges .
To get around this i used the -s option when running my script (silences the 
audio) and  it sort of *runs* but ChucK seems to have zero concept of time 
once the -s option is used. Its a mess of overlapping note ons... everything 
happens at once and worse.

Even when i tested with a few lines of <<< insert message here >;> 1::second 
=> now; all the messages get printed to the screen at the same time if i use 
the -s option.
So its a catch 22 situation, i cant run my ck files whilst abelton is 
running without the -s option , but when i run ck files with the -s option 
all timing goes out the window.

Awaiting answers which point to a large white elephant sitting in the room. 

NB. I dont have any midi clock setup ( i cant find how to do this in manual 
) but chuck should still play notes in ableton like it does in chuck 


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