[chuck-users] New to ChucK => couple of questions (-s) (Midi Relelated);

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Wed Jul 4 09:24:27 EDT 2007

Steve Salmon wrote:
> When I try and run a ChucK file whilst abelton is open i get a "could not open channel/ cannot initialise audio device" type error.. 

What you'll want to do is to either (a) install a "virtual audio cable" 
(virtual sound device that just serves for routing audio between 
different software) or (b) run ChucK in --silent mode if you're not 
using the output at all.  I use ChucK in tandem with Live and use 
SoundFlower (from Cycling '74) on Mac.  There are several similar pieces 
of software for Windows and Linux.


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