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On 7/24/07, Martin Ahnelöv <operagasten at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.

Hi Martin!

I feel that I would like to fiddle around a bit with Hid-devices. More
> precisely those who look like modern console-controllers like Xbox
> 360's, Playstation 2/3, and Xbox 1's small controller. Is there any
> gotchas I should know about when both choosing and using these (I have
> understood that the rumble-feature isn't implemented)?

Yes, that's right. More general; there is no Hid output implemented at all,
at the moment. We should have that some time in the future though. Note that
aside from ChucK not suporting that most PS2 => USB converters don't suport
that either (more on the Xbox below).

Other gotchas; some converters with some joysticks can result in latency.
This seems to be a very inconsistent phenomenon, I recomend googeling any
converters that you considder buying. It would also be wise to considder now
wether you'd like to use one of those dance-pad controlers in the future
too. You see; those can output both "left" and "right" at the same time
which will crash or otherwise confuse some converters that aren't meant for
that. As you might've noticed; controlers come in a wide veriety of price
ranges, ranging from very cheap knock-offs meant to look like the original
models suplied with the console to more exotic models that use the same
parts as arcade machines that will be a signifficant investment.

I don't recomend taking the very cheapest models for music, unless you can
find something discounted due to being unfashionable.

> Also, I went to the computer-store today to look for a joystick, but I
> could only find these third-party ps2/3-controllers. I did find a ps2 to
> usb-converter, but since I were unsire I though that I should ask here
> for your experience first. You think it would work? Anyways. I hope I
> find something more X-box-like, since I'm not too fond of Playstation.

Well, if you prefer X-box to Playstation that will significantly simplify
matters. You see, the Xbox uses a protocol that's identical to USB albeit
with a different plug (insert comment about multi-nationals and their
practices). This means that a converter from X-box to USB could be made at
home or bought cheaply and it's virtually guaranteed not to add extra
latency as no actual data conversion is done.

Other hints; companies like ThrustMaster make models that have both a USB
and a PS2 plug and considdering the protocols I imagine somebody will also
make models suitable for both USB and Xbox. This would save a converter and
generally be convenient, provided you like that model.

One thing that does count in favour of getting a PS2 adapter that I'd like
to mention; because the PS2 is compattible with the PS1 and the PS1 goes
back ages there are a LOT of exotic controlers that were made for those
consoles over the years and many of those are now quite affordable. For me
writing a ChucK program to use a more exotic controler is always very
stimulating (damn, I wish those controlers meant for Japanese train sims
weren't so expensive!).

I hope that helps, don't hesitate to ask if you run into trouble and if at
all possible try to hold a controler in your hands for a while before
buying; we are talking about instruments here; those have to feel good to

Happy ChucKing & shoot the core!

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