[chuck-users] report on my first livecoding gig

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 11:59:31 EDT 2007

On 6/2/07, Loscha <loscha at gmail.com> wrote:
> That sounds really great, Kassan.
> I don't suppose you have any recordings?

No, I don't but I could submit some code that's similar to what I did. The
Blit-based bassline in particular came out nicely, I thought. It glitches as
the waveform resets but the JCRev can turn those clicks into a nice effect
(as long as you mind the gains!).

I haven't played with the impulse Ugen much, but, I was using the
> step last week to play a 16 step waveform. I think I'll go play with
> Impulse now, however.

Imulses are great for exciting filters. ResonZ does need a fairly large gain
boost before it's loud enough if excited with only a Impulse.

I am finding almost all of the "Academic" music kids at my local
> Dorkbot (Melbourne, Australia) are using Max for their work, simply
> because it was what their lecturers used. I am hoping to change their
> opinions on the matter, and expose them to ChucK!

Yes, that was the exact case here. Marcel, who organsed this, teaches MAX so
most competitors were his students. MAX is great, nothing wrong with that,
but I would've liked more diversity in this competition (I saw one other
night as a spectator). After this finale I suspect next season will see more

I do know that most of those students also get courses on SC so that would
also be a likely system to be used next season as well. That's good, I
think. IMHO not all MAX users were playing up to MAX's speciffic advantages
like I did with ChucK's, using the physical modeling and re-sampling the
output. I think that would likely change when more systems enter.

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