[chuck-users] modulate LPF with ADSR

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 22:36:26 EDT 2007

well, the trek continues...

I've been copying and pasting, playing with, and generally screwing up
chuck code over the past week.  with some help, I've come up with this
simple synth patch:

// declare and connect chain of ugens
Gain g => dac;
1 => g.gain;
SawOsc s => ADSR e =>LPF f => g;
e.set( 1::ms, 5::ms, .8, 500::ms );
f.freq( 800 );

now what I would like to do with modulate the filter with adsr.  I
think this approach should work:

SawOsc s => ADSR e =>LPF f => g;
ADSR e2 => f => g;

my thinking goes like this:  I need to declare e2 to differientiate it
from my first adsr, which is defined as e.  I have chucked e2 to my
existing low pass filter, f.  yet I'm stumped as to where to define
how the adsr opens up the filter and closes it back down.  can someone
help me understand where to go from here?

Josh Lawrence

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