[chuck-users] two gui wishes for miniAudicle

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 02:32:35 EDT 2007


> This is a pretty interesting idea.  Although it does seem a little
> non-standard, I feel like apps like Eclipse have similar
> functionality.  Maybe like Ctrl [ ( or {, in addition to my new
> favorite keyboard shortcut, Ctrl / which comments out the selected text.

"ctrl /" sounds like a excelent idea, I like it already. If that one
works like that my plan (if implemented) should follow that convention
and also use ctrl or there would be confusion.

I agree that we should beware of stepping away from standards. It's
clearly a bad idea to use untraditional methods for stuff like
switching the active document, copying, pasting, etc... But I also
feel that the mini is likely to be used in non-standard situtations
such as writing/editing code in a performance situation. Tasks like
that will likely have different demands.

I bet the body of research on the ergnomics of editors for
musically-expressive programing languages is quite small. Still,
acoustical musical instruments are well known for their attrocious
ergonomics so it's probably a good idea to considder them relatively
early on.

On a somewhat related note; I've been doing some simple experiments
with sonifying the keyboard from within the Mini. One thing that
occured to me but that I didn't investigate in much depth is that one
could use inceasing and decreasing notes of a scale to sonify the
usage of opening and closing brackets (with different types of sound
for the various types), begining at the scale's root should
subconciously increase the desire to use as many opening brackets as
closing ones, which should result in less errors there.


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